Bang Bang

by RunLike AOTA

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New Single from the Upcoming EP - Runlike + pac0naut - We Come Bearing Gifts


Holy smokes, this is beat is raw, time to eat, I’m going in
Steady stream of freshness, rhymes constantly flowing in
Fountain of youth, but no kidding, beast in the vocal booth
Banging tracks at will, calling my shots like Babe Ruth
But no Yankee, grew up with that southern hospitality
Deep rooted on that family life, no virtual reality
Checking out my fellow man, checking pride at the door
The AOTA mind state we bona fide the core
Consciously creating music for my everyday people
Allstate good hands get off the pins and needles
Never nervous, years of service, yep paid dues
Thankful for the path I’ve walked, I decline to trade shoes
I’m doing something good, like look honey I made the news
Backed by my people, so I’m unafraid to lose
Keep progressing is the key get off the shaky ground
This banger by Paco, we taking off breaking speed of sound

Get up, Stand up when you hear the beat BANG
Turn it up to the max, let the speakers just BANG
Real music for the soul, let loose and let it BANG
This that joint that’s going to make your head go BANG

Wizard of wordplay, casting spells on these simpletons
I stand out amongst the norm like oh he got a dimple chin
John Travolta you Pulp Fiction slipping in that Grease
You stand no chance in the Face/off, I suggest you keep the peace
I’m old school soul, up-rocking and breaking at my own speed
Yes indeed, supersede your attempts to plant the hipster seed
So get off my timeline, I’m rhyme divine, got a beautiful mind
You no spine, so back off, recline, see me when the stars align
I constellate with beings in the same mind state
I know what I'm working with no surprise blind date
Heard that, Nerd rap, I smarten up, most will dumb it down
Stuck like a carousel horse, well one day they’ll come around
I been dope since I came in contact with the pad and pen
I’m spitting for the future you yesterday like had and been
Moonwalking Billie Jean, taking huge leaps for mankind
You can tell I spit that heat son, leaving my mark like tan line


released December 4, 2015
Written and Performed by RunLike
Beat Produced by pac0naut
Cuts by DJ Blesd 1
Mixed by DJ Blesd 1



all rights reserved


RunLike AOTA Mesa, Arizona

Wizard of Wordplay as a member of the Avenue of the Arts Crew

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